Creating Opportunities for Racial Equity (CORE)
Supporting diverse communities through our expertise, products, services, investments and partnerships
CORE Solutions Summit
We held our first-ever Moody’s CORE program summit on November 2 in New York City
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Pictured: Program beneficiary Trident and CEO Eric Taylor. Moody’s pledged $5 million to the company’s American Dream Fund that invests in small, minority-owned businesses.

Moody’s Creating Opportunities for Racial Equity (CORE) program sits at the intersection of our values and business goals. We’ve helped address wealth gaps in underserved communities by providing support and building relationships with institutions and businesses that serve these neighborhoods.

We are looking to broaden our impact by expanding the program under three strategic pillars: engage more diverse businesses, empower diverse businesses with information and invest more capital and resources in this work


Moody's President & Chief Executive Officer

Diverse financial institutions serve minority communities across the United States2

143 MDIs
with 1,400 branches across the US
170 CDFIs
with 1,100 branches across the US

We believe access to information helps open the door to shared progress

400+ M
companies in Moody’s private company database3
530+ M
economic, financial and demographic time series generated by Moody’s4
47+ K
credit-related research pieces published by Moody’s annually3
Program offerings
Bringing financial and economic opportunities to diverse communities
We provide expertise, products and services to help diverse financial institutions and businesses grow and prosper. Learn more about the data, research, education and consulting we provide through CORE to help these organizations navigate difficult business challenges.
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From local and regional economic data to payment behavior information, Moody’s provides critical decision-making data to answer questions like:
  • Where should I focus regionally to grow my business?
  • What financial and contact information is available about my potential suppliers and counterparties?
  • What industries will produce significant growth in my region in the upcoming year?
It becomes more critical every day to know your customer and industry trends. Moody’s provides a comprehensive view into credit markets, access to credit experts and their tools and the latest ESG impact to answer questions like:
  • How similar is the financial profile of my counterparty to its peers or similar companies?
  • What are the credit experts’ opinions on the credit worthiness of my supplier / borrower?
  • What will be the impact of the transition to net neutrality for my counterparties?
Education & Insights
Moody’s can provide an integrated risk framework to ensure customers are considering the numerous elements of risk management. From discussions on current risk management models to employee training, we can help answer questions like:
  • How could Moody’s software help improve our origination / lending process or calculation of non-financial risks?
  • What are the various financial and non-financial risks that may impact my business?
  • Are my employees up-to-date and trained on important topic areas like credit risk and cyber security?
We can help answer questions like:
  • Do you have a view into how your customers view your organization in terms of the supply chain risk you present?
  • How do you assure your board, customers, shareholders and other stakeholders that you have strong cyber security performance?
  • How do you drive accountability for cyber security performance across your whole organization?
Program testimonials
We’re proud to bring financial opportunities to our customers and help their communities achieve growth. Learn what customers, community partners, and others are saying about the CORE program.

Having the right partnerships with organizations like Moody’s allows Trident to identify and invest in Main Street small businesses, where other firms may not believe opportunities exist. The result is better returns for investors, better outcomes for underserved communities, and better chances for overlooked entrepreneurs to achieve the American Dream.

Eric Taylor

Founder, CEO & CIO

Moody's empowers customers to make better, faster business decisions, and it's important we bring our insights to institutions that can empower diverse communities. I'm delighted that we're creating opportunities for racial equity through CORE and look forward to helping build out the program.

Diya Sawhny

MD – Acquisition Programs
Moody's Analytics

Nicole Elman

President & CEO

News, Events & Resources
We’re looking for ways to help bring financial opportunities and economic revitalization to diverse communities. Explore the latest CORE program news and resources.
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News, Research & EVENTS
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